Bopping Tangerine (greatest female I have ever seen)

Greatest female I ever saw BOPPING TANGERINE
A California Legend. Then she moved to NYC in 1981...
We danced together in my crew Magnificent Force early 80's. She was supposed to be in BEAT STREET with us. She would have been a STAR! no doubt!! she would have blown up..
I know some people got in touch with her. She is also my Teacher of BOPPING. (But I could not do it...hahaha) So I did the FRONT KNEE BOP Thing I do (lol), and she told me to just do that!!! hahahaha. her Precision is what influences me in this SOLO..
Even most of my strutting Arms, and my set up before the wiggle walk (Tangerine Scarecrow pose, but when she did it her Curls would Shake!)
-When i Blew my Leg out 2006, my idea was to Find Knew Hand Styles and use what Tangy taught me, so i could keep Dancing while my Leg was Healing. You can see me go in TANGY Mode during allot of my solos after 2006. like the one below..
When she came to audition for MAGNIFICENT FORCE 1981, I called SUGA POP and asked him about her, He said PUT HER IN THR GROUP! She is the Best Female from Cali.. I was like OK..
(watch at 1:06 of this video)
in 1981 She moved to NYC to dance with MAMA LU PARKS LINDY HOPPERS. and she was amazing at that as well..
She taught me all the original BOPPERS Routines and we did them in shows, Although I could not BOP, I just kept pushing my Knees forward and she allowed me to get away with that.
Then something happened in her life and she literally disappeared right before we made the movie BEAT STREET! =(
I Guarantee she would have been FAMOUS over night from that movie if she was in it.
-(SIDE Story: i taught this front knee BOP (that me and Tangy made up for me) to my student POP-ZILLA (who was also my BBOY student since 1978) and he did it for DRE in the early 2000 footage, and DRE said.. THAT AINT BOPPIN!!! hahaha)
-1982 She had a Classic battle against sister Peaches Rodriguez at the ROXY. Me and Fabel brought them to the stage to battle. It was AMAZING! They both Killed it! 1982. A Battle that took place at the Roxy (NYC) around 1982 was Boppin Tangerine vs Peaches. Tangy had just arrived in NYC and got in Magnificent Force (a group we had) and she was training me at the time Bopping Style, and Peaches was already established at the ROXY during the early 80's. we brought Tangy to the ROXY for the first time (me and Fabel) and of course the minute a cipher opened up these ladies went at it. We thought Tangy might be too much for Peaches, but Peaches was Going Off. The best i seen her at the time, and it made for a very competitive battle, with allot of Ooohs and Ahhs. crowd was feeling it seeing two top East Coast and West Coast Females throwing down. can't remember all the rounds, but very entertaining. 

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  • This is a great extract into the past, recollecting two greats in their element. Mr. Wiggles, thanks for always educating and sharing your history for us 90’s kids. RESPECT!

  • Mr. Wiggles thank you for sharing that story. I never heard of anyone of them but would like to learn more about them or others that’s history there. Thanks again for sharing please keep it coming.

    Noel Martinez
  • IF YOU LIKE THE ARTICLES PLEASE DROP A MESSAGE. I hope to get some acknowledgment towhees incredible dancers, that got lost in history.

    Mr Wiggles

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