Electric Company Crew

electric company flyer 80s

Flyer by Mr Wiggles: Peep the line up ;) You can see Flip Rock and Lil lep was down with my crew ELECTRIC COMPANY before the were down with NYC BREAKERS. We did this show at another famous roller rink in the Bronx, we rocked the Sailor Suits for this one ;) Sailor suits and Adidas looking like BBOY POPEYE character hahaha. Me, Fabel, and DORE aka (rubber band) did routines, I did the blind man skit, Fabel had the invisible Dog, DORE was nice with the GLIDES and POPS, while LEP and FLIP did a quick combination and solos, and FLIP did his classic FLIP ROCK acrobatics, while LEP did his classic Backspin to Headspin.

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