Electric Co. Furious Rockers

This was an amazing time when my crew ELECTRIC COMPANY CREW (Bronx/Harlem) went to Italy with BK Legends FURIOUS ROCKERS. At the time we were being represented by ROSIE from the LES low east side (who repped allot of crews at the Roxy back in the early 80's) And we were chosen to rock a TV show for RAI TV company. We had a blast

here are some snippets of Me and Fabel click here

and here is a snippet of Furious Rockers click here

But the best part was hanging out in Italy and acting wild, we scaled the Hotel (that felt more like a castle! So we found ways to get into blocked off areas of the hotel (pool & spa) By scaling the outsides of the wall (the ledges) to get to other rooms that lead to blocked off areas. (mad dangerous but fun)

Also had the best practice sessions, and this is where i got to build with brotha RINGO (seen on the lef of the picture) on original Brooklyn styles (i first learned about the Brooklyn Jerk from Ringo) At the time I only did Bronx Freestyle. We had our yungest member of Electric Company Crew with us "short circuit" and got to take him on his first tour. Shortly after he landed tons of commercial gigs, like the crunch and munch commercial click here

Italy was a great time, and some of our best memories as young Black and Latino kids from the hood taking the world by storm.


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