EZ AL Electric Force (not al boogie of the shack crew, who i will showcase soon) I first saw AL rockin a cipher at a Tin Tin projects jam in the bronx around 80/81.  This brotha, was a general, and gets zero credit for the Bronx Boogie flavor. I dedicate a move to him in all my classes and call it the EZ AL spin, one of his trademarks you see him rockin in Wild Style. I call him a general, because of how he ran with all of us when we were young, and how he related between Electric Company and Electric Force, and helped take a young Puerto Rican under the wing with the crew. His style was simple and funky, and made a statement with his trademark spin that won the crowd, he was so smooth with it. this was before Suga Pop came to NYC. it is because EZ ALL and SLICK WATTS that i say NYC had a HIP HOP Popping style. How they Freaked the dance was amazing for the time. Respect to a true general. EZ AL

CLICK HERE to watch EZ AL in wild style

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