First Gansta Rap?

FACT: in NYC we would have called it HARD ROCK RAP, or OUTLAW RAP. I even heard of an Outlaw style of Cracking jokes on each other called SNAP TO RAP that started in the late 60's by NYC gangstas. But lets stick to the formula that made Hip Hop's notorious catch fame.

Hustlers Convention 1973 The Last poets.
Pre Hip Hop, Music, that influenced cats who came after. yes this is Gangsta. &0's style. This song was ringing bells nonstop on jam tapes all across NYC, and because the break beat feel, it was also a blueprint for you MC's to follow on Poetry over Breaks. Check these selections out, and build.


Bee Bop 1983 Rammelzee. and K-Rob
Many will argue this point. But Rammel was talking shot gun Lyrics, with the words Gangsta in it since his clime to rap Fame during the Wild Style era. this brotha was ahead of his time with 90% off the top of the dome lyrics. Constantly spitting street themed freestyle.
P.S.K. Schoolly D
Now here is where the game changes. Because what we consider the Gangtsa Rap today, is actually based off the flow from School D's classic. And there is no doubt that brotha ICE T (to his credit) telling the story about the next selection, and how he was influenced. In HIP HOP real recognizes REAL DEAL! And Ice T Breaking down the PSK flow, shows his integrity in the Rap game.
6 in the morning 1987 ICE T
My favorite gangster rap track of all time. It gets no more creative than this. Mel and Ice T, and Islam. Would have been a Hip Hop Crew to be second with. All 3 East Coast artists, and Ice T's fame in the West (repping California. I know they hung out together during these days, And together created the classic Flow for G FUNK. Ice is one of the G.O.A.T.'s of Hip Hop east and West. And for me he is the Father of Gangster RAP.
Gangster of Hip Hop 1987 Justice
Can never forget this brothers contributions to street culture rap. A forgotten warrior of Hip Hop Knowledge, and Research. because he dropped a gem on the History as well! He was ahead of the Hip Hop History rap Game, and helped set off the knowledge seekers of today with "going way back"

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