Gadget: mini speaker

Tour and Travel is tough without music, headphones don’t always cut it, and I have a closet full of small speakers that I can no longer fit in my bag (due to longer tours and packed luggage and backpack) so I need to strictly buy all my extras so they fit in tiny crevasses in my bags (not kidding) I’m searching for a decent tiny (forget mini) speaker I stumbled across this brand (mine is actually square not round) and I gotta say it packs a decent punch for the price (I can’t imagine I paid more than $12 for mine in China) but truth is when I have to practice or vine at a outdoor coffee shop and need something louder than my laptop, this is it! Worth every mini penny! And easy to pack (just throw it in a bag or put it in your jacket pocket)
Specs not needed! It’s small!!! And it ain’t got woofers! LMAO. But if your traveling and wanna pack light GET YOU ONE OF THESE! ;)


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