BUA the Popper

This Urban Street Art Print is a Museum Quality Fine Art Print available on paper and canvas. Hand signed by artist Justin BUA and offered in 3 standard art print sizes for easy framing. 

Inspired by Mr.Wiggles, the beat of the street dances to The Popper.

"Today, there are countless dancers on TV, in music videos, in competitions, some of them famous choreographers, that have stolen Mr. Wiggles's moves, without a modicum of acknowledgment, thieving his creations without reverence for their roots. Yet no one can really do what he does. It's easy to duplicate a move, but impossible to steal the soul of the movement. When I see Wiggles dance, I experience musicality at the deepest level. He understands the matrix of music. Mr. Wiggles doesn't dance to the beat, the beat dances to Mr Wiggles." ~ Justin


BUY AT:  www.JustinBua.Com

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