Any OG that denies this is a damn lier! lol Real truth we watched Kung Fu theater on the weekends faithfully, and imitated the fighting styles, accents, and spiritual knowledge we gathered from these movies. But there was also a street we hit on the regular, in truth we cut school and pairs a dollar to watch 3 movies in 42nd street! That’s right! The worlds famous 42nd street aka “forty deuce”, aka “the deuce” aka “forty doowop” was the home to multiple movie theaters that featured nothing but the best martial arts movies, including all the classics from 36 chambers to cripple avengers (my favorite) and we were in those theaters for entertainment and yes we even copied movies to mix into our dance. This was automatic! I don’t even have to write a single word, just watch the video clip ;/ they had a hip hop dance before HIP HOP! Every single move was golden. You can see variations of SWEEPS, KICK SPINS on the back that almost look like CONTINOUS (windmills), the famous standing thread and of course all the drunken moves for every BBOYS Hearts desire ;)

no more words! CLICK HERE AND WATCH

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