Lil Sput Electric Force Crew

Lil Sput is probably one of the most underrated Bronx, NYC Hip Hop Dancers of all time. He was a bronx Celeb that everyone loved, A grown man in a kids body, and danced so FONKY, and FRESH. Contrary to Popular belief, LIL SPUT (who was at least 2 years younger than me) TOOK ME UNDER HIS WING! He was already famous, and I (mr wiggles) was just coming up in the Boogie World (Electric Boogie) When I found out that Lil Sput wanted to practice with the Puerto Rican from Fox Street, I was like "WHAT!" We met up at his spot (home) on Banana Kelly st (famous street in the south bronx) and practiced in his room, The first song we trained to was "it's magic" by the Fearless 4 he had the best Mother who supported her son dancing. Sput's style was SMOOTH, with quick hits, and stops that he called Clicks, and he had the Bronx Boogie groove, His partners were all Fresh (EZ AL, JESSIE, MARKY C) and i will build on each one of them soon. SPUT COULD BATTLE!!! trust when i say, he had a cute kid persona, but he had some of the funniest Clowning style Moves (clowning was like a sub word for Burning, but more funny, and a popular word amongst boogie boys) He knew how to CLOWN and opponent and put him to shame. Sput danced with me and Rock Steady as well at STUDIO 54 when we combined forces to create Rock Steady Electric Company (Electric Company was my crew) Sput won contests with NYC Legends like FABEL and LOCK a TRON JOHN, and was featured in the movie WILD STYLE, was famous for a move I call the SPUT GLIDE (one of the earliest version of the running man i ever saw)

Click Here to Watch Lil Sput in the movie Wild Style

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  • SPUT should be included in Hip Hop Dance History! Real truth. I will drop more soon!

    mr wiggles

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