Lock a Tron John

Most def one of my inspirations (pre EB's), The Lock a Trons (from Brooklyn) came to the Bronx to perform at PS 52 school, and i was told to rush over and watch these cats, (note I had already learned how to Back Slide, and Twist o Flex from my boy EASY T) But when I saw these cats, I thought the Moon crashed into Earth! It was the first time I heard the song NUMBERS by Kraftwerk, and the image of these cats are embedded in my mental over that beat. After they destroyed the show at PS 52, I caught up to one of them on the side line (Lock-a-Tron John) and I asked him to show me something, and of course like the Good Soul, and big brotha he was, he took a Puerto Rican to the side and showed me the SIDE GLIDE and couple moves to practice. His influence has been with me ever since, not just as an amazing DANCER/PERFORMER, but always as a BROTHER. While Pop Master Fabel (my original partner favored the style of GET LOOSE BRUCE) I myself favored the NYC style of LT JOHN, and his approach to POPPING and ILLUSIONS (but remember both Fabel and Myself were influenced by both of these brothers) . His (LT JOHN's) accomplishments in the NYC Street Style dance scene is immense, and he was also a major part of Ghettoriginals dance company by way of a group he started called RHYTHM TECHNICIANS. But I have to say, if ever there was an early 80's dream battle to wish for in the POPPING/BOOGIE scene, it would have been the LOCK-A-TRONS vs the POP-A_MATICS! To see LOOSE BRUCE (the original one) battle JOHN would have been amazing. You can see JOHN getting down in movies like BODY ROCK (the NYC street dance scene) And his influence over the NYC street style dance community still exists in each dance that transitioned from the 80's to the 90's. And that still included me.

WATCH HIM AT 1:13.38 in the movie Body Rock: click here

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