Spaldine Frames (my favorite ol school frames)

My Favorite BRONX BBOY FRAMES by far were SPALDINES (vintage sunglasses) if you didn’t have the funds for CAZALS, you can cop these at a corner store, knock out the lens, and still stay fresh! The colors were off the chain! Ice cream colors that match all your favorite federal safety’s (ICE CREAM referring to graffiti style colors like sky blue, aqua turquoise, hot pink, and Federal Saftey was a brand of KRYLON spray paint that featured these cool colors)

I got mine from the corner store next to Longwood Train Station. And I was famous for rocking these and doing the BLIND MAN skit when I battled.

While everyone was rocking CAZALS, I went with these cause I had them matching my LE TIGRE polo shirts and I spray painted my belt buckle to match ;)

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