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TOPIC: WRITING? GRAFFITI? GRAFFITI WRITER? or how I choose to text it “WRITER (graffiti)” I put the word graffiti in small caps next to writer in bold, to help people understand.

Knowledge this:
WRITING (Your Signature) is the first ELEMENT. But when we say the 5 Elements you will hear the word GRAFFITI. In truth. Any real HIP HOP HEAD will never say graffiti. We will say “WRITING” we Write our Names, so we call ourselves WRITERS. How does this mesh with the rest of the world? They will think a writer as an MC who writes lyrics. Or an AUTHOR. But the essence of a writer is, we focus on STYLIZED LETTERING! More than the fancy backdrops and dragons and 3D color schemes. The truth is. Your characters should enhance the FUNK of your letters, NOT OUTSHINE THEM.
The Letters comes first. If your letters are wack! Won’t even look at the rest of your piece.
ALL people who consider themselves “HIP HOP HEADS”

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